1.Association members:





2.Advantages of membership:

Direct selling companies, as a condition of membership, are committed to operating within the Code of Ethics, and work together to promote the industry to government, consumer bodies and the general public by developing awareness, understanding, trust and credibility for the direct selling channel of distribution.

A few of the benefits of membership are:

  • It is a sign of quality and trust for consumers, public organizations and governmental institutions;
  • Ability to be more visible locally and internationally;
  • A consolidated voice with national governments on legal issues, consulting regulatory bodies and officials, lobbying on behalf of the industry;
  • Ability to participate and influence legislative process;
  • Regular updates on legislative and other changes affecting the industry;
  • Regular updates on direct selling industry statistics and trends (local and international);
  • Networking opportunities with the key companies in the industry;
  • Advocacy, consultations and help in crisis management;
  • Helping new players to enter the direct selling industry;
  • Market, consumers researches & industry insights;
  • Education & training projects.

3. Become ACVD member:

In order to become ACVD member

  • You should fill up an application form and together with your marketing plan send it to the Association;
  • The Board of Association in the next meeting will consider your membership question. To this meeting you will be invited personally to introduce your company. Please note that necessary condition for membership in ACVD is a commitment to follow the Code of Ethics of the ACVD;
  • If Board approves your membership in the ACVD, you will become a member of the Association after the payment of an entrance fee.