Entrepreneurship is at the core of direct selling’s DNA. It is so deeply rooted in our business model that it has become synonymous with direct selling itself. Many of our member companies started as individual of family businesses, sometimes in such modest premises as the back of a garage. Most direct sellers chose a direct selling activity for the freedom and flexibility it gives them – from planning their work to building a career the way they want, at the pace they want.

At a time where inequalities in access to employment are increasingly documented – gender, background and education remain strong determinants of a person’s career – we are proud to say that anyone can become a direct seller. Direct selling overcomes the barriers to success and provides a fair, flexible way for many to set up their own business – and start-up costs are virtually inexistent as companies carry the inventory risk.

Our direct sellers work on an independent basis, running their own micro-business with guidance, training and support offered by our member companies.

Direct Selling provides significant opportunities for the Direct Sellers.



  • Rewarding: not only financially but also socially
  • Flexible: choose your own hours
  • Social: build relationships with fellow direct sellers and customers
  • Fun: party plans, person-to-person as well as recognition events
  • Life changing: manage your own business
  • Empowering: increased confidence, strength of character, in control
  • Diverse: so many different direct selling companies worldwide

Extra Income Opportunity

Direct Selling enables you to generate income in parallel with your effort and sales. The Direct Selling offers additional income to people who want to contribute to their household budget or inappropriate for full-time work. At the beginning, Direct Sellers who buy the products planning to sell at a discount price, sells these products either part-time or full-time. Today, millions of people in the world have an extra income with Direct Selling Sector.


Flexible Working Hours

First of all, Direct Selling means flexible working opportunities for Direct Sellers. You can set your own working hours. You decide whether you spend more time with your family or friends by working part-time or not. If you want to work full time, you can find an opportunity to get more income.


Social Work Environment

Direct Sellers work as part of a team to achieve greater goals. This makes it easier for you to gain your accomplishment. So, you can make many friends and social environment.

Become the Boss of Your Own Business

Direct Selling gives opportunity to Direct Sellers to become the boss of their own businesses. One of the biggest advantages of Direct Selling is not to require any capital to start-up. Usually, when you want to start a business, you need to deal with a number of procedures such as renting an office and paying different costs. In the Direct Selling, these are out of the question. All you have to do is deliver the product correctly to the customer by activating your network.


Opportunity for Education and Award Winning

Direct Selling Companies give you the opportunity to develop yourself in terms of many different topics. Your achievements are appreciated, supported by different reward mechanisms.


Equal Opportunities

Direct Selling is one of the few sectors which provide equal opportunities for all people. it does not ask questions such as diploma, education, military service, graduated school, GPA and etc. So, everybody (18+) can be a direct seller.  All you have to do is reveal your own leadership and marketing skills.