The Direct Selling offers significant opportunities for the consumers.



  • Quality of service
  • You can try and test the products before buying them
  • Your consultation can be tailored to your exact requirements
  • The products are delivered to your home
  • You have the right to cancel the order within a given period
  • You have direct personal contact with the seller
  • Your purchases are guaranteed

Quality Products at Affordable Price

Through Direct Selling, you can get high quality, innovative products at an affordable price. Unlike normal retailing, you can get access to quality products at more affordable prices. In addition, thanks to receiving products to your door, you can find an opportunity to save money, time and carrying inconvenience.


Opportunity of One to One Contact

Direct Selling companies support consumers to receive products and services through one-to-one communication. Direct Selling gives you a more intimate and safer shopping opportunity as the product is presented face to face, and its features are explained practically. In this respect, we can say that Direct Sellers are a social way of shopping.

Longer Guarantee Periods

Many Direct Selling companies provide their customers with a longer customer satisfaction guarantee for their quality, branded products than those envisaged in the law. Thus, you can do your shopping with confidence.